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General Information
Academic Advisor Appeal Questionnaire
Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Presentation Request Form
Release of Information

In an effort to protect your confidential and personally identifiable information (i.e. social security number, tax information), Scholarships & Financial Aid accepts documents submitted via fax, postal mail, or in-person. Please include your UIN on all of the documents submitted. Documents may not be submitted via email.

2019-2020 TASFA Application and Instructions
2019-2020 TASFA Application and Instructions (Spanish)
2019-2020 ISFAA Application and Instructions
2019-2020 Texas Aggie Graduate Grant Application
2019-2020 Request Change to Cost of Attendance
Federal PLUS Refund Authorization
Short-Term Loan Application
Self Certification Form for a Private Loan (a completed form may be obtained through the Financial Aid Portal)
National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)
Direct Loan Entrance Counseling
Please visit the Howdy Portal. Then click the My Finances tab and enter the Financial Aid Portal. Select the current academic year, there will be a link for Entrance Counseling under the Status tab. Follow the instructions for loan counseling. Online counseling may require the use of specific browsers and/or browser settings. If you encounter difficulties completing a counseling session, please notify Scholarships & Financial Aid.
Direct Loan Exit Counseling
Federal Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loan Exit
Federal Grad PLUS Exit Counseling
TEACH Grant Exit Counseling
Scholarships & Financial Aid Resource Guide (prospective students)
Scholarships & Financial Aid Resource Guide (graduate students)
Scholarships & Financial Aid Resource Guide (international students)
2019-2020 Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer