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2019 Best Credit Cards for Students with No Credit

- Released on Mar 26, 2019

You can get all of the following student credit cards with no credit. Credit card companies actually roll out the red carpet for students despite their lack of credit history (some offers are from WalletHub partners). They do this because of students’ earning potential and decades of forthcoming financial independence, which can be very profitable for banking institutions. To qualify, all a student must do is demonstrate the independent income or assets needed to pay at least their minimum monthly bill (usually around $10 for student cards). But if that’s not possible, it’s worth looking into having a parent co-sign, given the importance of credit building at this stage in your life.

As long as you pay your bill on time and avoid maxing out your credit line after opening one of the following cards, you will begin building the credit needed to rent an apartment, buy a car, take out a good loan and save on insurance premiums once you graduate. It may even help you get a job if you plan on working in a field that requires a security clearance or the handling of money. So make sure to browse the available student credit cards for no credit, including both secured and unsecured offers, and submit an application for the card that will allow you to build credit at the lowest possible cost.

If you’d like a recommendation, WalletHub’s editors compared all of the student credit cards in our database of 1,000+ credit card offers. We looked at their fees, rates and rewards. And we picked the best options for different types of students. You can find an overview below and more info at the bottom of the page.

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