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Coursework that Counts for Financial Aid

- Released on Dec 01, 2016

As you are registering for classes please note that Federal Regulations require only coursework that counts toward your degree be used in determining your hours of enrollment for financial aid purposes. Courses taken that do not count towards your degree may require an adjustment to your cost of attendance and financial aid awards.

For example:
  • If you are eligible for a Federal Pell Grant and enrolled in 12 hours and only 9 hours of the 12 hours are required for your degree, you will receive your Federal Pell Grant based on 9 hours. Your Federal Pell Grant payment will be reduced based on courses that apply to your degree program.
  • Federal Direct Loans for undergraduates require 6 hours of enrollment. If you are enrolled in 12 hours and only 3 hours of the 12 are required for your degree, you cannot receive a Federal Direct Loan.
See this link for a list of funds and their enrollment requirements.

Students in degree seeking programs are responsible for working with their advisors to ensure courses are degree applicable. Students may run a degree evaluation in the Howdy portal under the Degree Evaluations channel using the View Degree Evaluation link. A tutorial on degree evaluations can be found on the My Record tab. In order for minor coursework to be considered, you must have declared your minor with your academic advisor. Declared minors will appear in your degree evaluation.

Colleges and departments are responsible for guiding students through the degree evaluation process and should be the first point of contact with questions regarding course use in programs. Questions regarding courses counting towards your intended degree should be directed to your academic advisor.  News