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COVID-19 Guidance

Your financial aid will not change due to courses being taught online. If you maintain your enrollment status, your aid will not be affected.
Withdrawing from all courses may result in a change to your financial aid. Students who withdraw from all classes may only keep the financial aid they have “earned” up to the time of withdrawal. Our office will calculate the amount of aid you have earned and any federal financial aid funds that were disbursed more than the earned amount must be paid back to the federal programs through the University.

As always, dropping a course at this time in the semester or withdrawing altogether can impact your future financial aid eligibility in several ways. As noted in the preceding paragraph, complete withdrawal from all courses may result in the repayment of a portion of your federal aid received.  For more information, please visit the Maintaining Eligibility-Withdrawls page.

Additionally, dropping or withdrawing from a course or courses could affect your course completion percentage, or pace, and the extension in your academic plan that this would result in may cause you to exceed your maximum timeframe for financial aid. Both of these factors, along with GPA, are components of your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP), which must be maintained in order to continue qualifying for federal student aid. For more information, visit our Satisfactory Academic Progress Policies page.

To view your current Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) or to calculate how dropping a course or your expected grades this semester might change your SAP status, use the “SAP Calculator” on the Resources tab in your Financial Aid Portal.
For answers to questions related to academic calendar dates, please check registrar.tamu.edu regularly for updates.
At this time, we are awaiting further guidance from federal and state agencies, as well as the result of pending legislation, that will provide us with more detailed information as to what options are available to us for evaluating Satisfactory Academic Progress in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such, we are currently unable to provide specifics about how choosing the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option for an individual course will impact scholarships and financial aid.
However, students who do not meet Satisfactory Academic Progress or specific scholarship or grant renewal requirements will continue to have the ability to submit an appeal for consideration. Academic issues related to COVID-19 are certainly an acceptable basis for an appeal.
For now, we encourage you to make choices regarding Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading, Q-dropping, or withdrawing based on what is best for you academically, and not based on any impact to your financial aid. More information will be provided as soon as we receive additional guidance.
Federal grant funding such as Pell, TEACH, and SEOG will not be affected with the change in method of instruction.
Please visit JobsforAggies.tamu.edu for COVID-19 related information on student employment and work study.
Students who are faced with financial difficulties due to COVID-19 related circumstances can apply for financial assistance using the Emergency Aid Application found on the Emergency Aid page. Please detail the reason for your request including the circumstances you are experiencing, such as being unable to return to your on-campus employment, unexpected expenses associated with self-quarantine, costs associated with online instruction, or other COVID-19 related circumstances leading to financial distress.  All circumstances will be considered, and any appropriate, relevant documentation should be attached. Funds are limited, and although we will strive to provide assistance to as many students as possible, every request may not be funded or fully-funded. 
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Phone 409.740.4500
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For Veteran’s Services, e-mail veterans@tamug.edu
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For the Health Science Center:
Phone –
Zachary Smith: 979.458.5348
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