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- Nov 20, 2014

"Following are some tips from college financial experts on steps to take before, during and after college to help ensure that your debt load remains manageable so it doesn't ruin your life." - CNBC

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- Oct 30, 2014

It's time for thoughts about college applications, which means students are filled with anxiety over whether they will get into their dream school, quickly followed by their (and their parents') panic over how they will pay for it. For those already in school, this is a time of sticker shock as tuition bills for the new semester start to arrive.

For all students, financial aid can be a real lifesaver. But common myths and misconceptions about financial aid abound, and believing any of them could cause you to miss out on valuable aid for which you might qualify.

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- Oct 30, 2014

Young adults aren't saving as much as they think they should for retirement. But paying off debts is just as important.

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- Oct 23, 2014

The Department of Education announced publication of a final rule to strengthen the Federal Direct PLUS Loan Program today helping more students and families pay for college, and ensuring they have the tools and resources to make informed decisions about financing their educational pursuits. The new regulations will both expand student access to postsecondary education and safeguard taxpayer dollars by reflecting economic and programmatic changes that have occurred since the program was established more than 20 years ago.

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- Oct 22, 2014

A new login process will be implemented in Spring 2015 for our student and borrower-based websites, including FAFSA on the Web, NSLDS® Student Access, StudentLoans.gov, StudentAid.gov, and the TEACH Grant website.

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- Oct 03, 2014

How do we as a country provide supports on college campuses for veterans and ensure they have access to high-quality education at an affordable price? This question helped focus a Student Voices Session that recently took place with Secretary Duncan in Washington, D.C. The goal of the conversation was to understand the issues student veterans face, identify institutions of higher education that are providing comprehensive supports, and take action at the local, state, and federal levels.

To view the full article, visit http://www.ed.gov/blog/2014/09/secretary-duncan-hears-from-veterans-on-challenges-to-college-success/.

- Sep 09, 2014

Student Aid Eligibility and Documenting Attendance

- Jun 23, 2014

College affordability is currently a hot topic at national levels and work has been done that affects repayment options. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan spoke to a group of college students at a Town Hall on June 8. See the video below for excerpts from the conversation.

If you have questions about repayment and impact of these plans on you, you can call our office or your loan servicer.

Highlights from the College Affordability Town Hall - June 8th, 2014 Highlights from the College Affordability Town Hall - June 8th, 2014

- Jun 23, 2014

 A college education is still the best investment students can make in their future. It is also a critical investment that we can make as a nation. But right now, this important rung on the ladder to opportunity is slipping out of reach for many low- and middle-income families in America.

To view the full article, visit http://www.ed.gov/blog/2014/06/college-value-and-completion-righting-the-balance-on-the-side-of-students/.

- Jun 17, 2014

Changes to Direct Loan beginning July 1.

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