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As an international student, you may submit an International Student Financial Aid Application (ISFAA) to be considered for financial aid awards. International students can also apply for scholarships and other funds. If you want to learn more about scholarships and other funding options visit the International Student Services website and our Scholarships website.

The ISFAA (International Student Financial Aid Application) is:
  • An opportunity for international students studying at the College Station campus to qualify for grant aid
  • Meant to supplement funds that a student already has
  • Based on financial need, not academic merit
  • A maximum award of $2,000 to $4,000 per year
The ISFAA is not:
  • A scholarship
  • Related to any other scholarship or financial aid application
  • Full tuition coverage
  • Does not carry the non-resident tuition waiver

The ISFAA application can be found on the Forms page on our website. We are currently accepting the 2018-2019 ISFAA.

You can submit the form either by fax, mail, or dropping it off in our office.
Grant funds are limited, so the earlier you can submit the ISFAA, the better! Remember: the ISFAA must be completed each year in order for you to be reviewed for a grant. Completion of the ISFAA does not guarantee that aid will be awarded.

The priority date is May 1st and we suggest that you submit the application as soon as possible for review. We will award ISFAA funds after the May 1st deadline.
  • ISFAA form
  • Parent Tax Returns or Income Statement from their country or employer (Dependent students only)
  • Parent W-2 (if applicable)
  • Student Tax Returns of Income Statement from their country or employer (if applicable)
  • Student W-2 (if applicable)
  • 12 months of bank statements (student account only)
    • If foreign it ALL needs to be converted to US Dollars and translated
  • Personal Statement
  • Double check documents before submitting. We cannot process documents without all required information and signatures.
  • Submit documents by person, postal mail, fax, or financial aid portal document upload.
  • Check your tamu.edu email and financial aid portal regularly, as this is how we communicate with you.
  • Let us know if you have questions. We are here to help via email, over the phone, and in person.
  • Submit the application early! Funding is limited, so you could miss out on funds if you wait to submit your application.
  • Leave any questions blank on the ISFAA form. ALL questions must have an answer. If you cannot answer a question or submit a document, please check with our office on what to do.
  • Email documents. This is not a secure way to send your personal information.
  • Wait until the priority date to submit the ISFAA. We process ISFAAs by hand, so please give us enough time to review your application and request any missing documents.
  • Submit documents we do not ask you for. This may delay processing and cause you to miss out on money.
The Mexican Citizens with Financial Need Waiver has been established to permit a small number of individuals with financial need, who are citizens of Mexico, to enroll in any public university in Texas while paying resident tuition rate.

  • You must be a citizen of Mexico and reside in Mexico
  • You must show financial need
  • You must attend an eligible Texas public university
To apply for this waiver, you must complete the current ISFAA application before the priority deadline.

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