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Award Proration

How does this affect my financial aid?
Scholarships & Financial Aid initially awards all students assuming full-time enrollment. Students’ records are then reviewed each semester to determine if they are enrolled less than full-time. Adjustments are then made to the financial aid awards of students enrolled less than full-time. This review and adjustment occurs each semester, prior to the financial aid disbursement date and then again at census date (the official 12th class day of the semester).
Scroll Table Left and Right
Award/Program Requires Full-Time
Is Prorated if not
Enrolled Full-Time
Requires at least
3/4 time Enrollment
Requires at least
1/2 time Enrollment
Is Prorated if not
Enrolled 1/2 Time
College Access Loan       X  
Federal Direct Loan - Subsidized       X  
Federal Direct Loan - Unsubsidized       X  
Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loan       X  
Federal Pell Grant   X     X
Federal Perkins Loan   X      
Federal SEOG       X  
Federal Work Study       X  
Private/Alternative Loan1       X  
Regents' Scholarship X        
Scholarships2 X        
Federal TEACH Grant   X     X
TEXAS Grant   X X    
Texas Aggie Grant   X   X  
Texas Aggie Graduate Grant   X   X  
Texas Aggie Scholarship   X   X  
Texas B-On-Time X X3      
Texas College Work Study       X  
Texas Public Education Grant - Resident   X   X  
Texas Public Education Grant - Nonresident   X   X  
Texas Public Education Grant - International X        
Top 10% State Scholarship X        
1Refer to Alternative Loan Page for more information.
2 Refer to your donor or scholarships.tamu.edu.
3 An exception may be made for a student's final semester before graduation only if fewer than 12 hours are required to complete the degree plan.
*The above chart is based on policy for Fall and Spring semesters. Please note Summer award proration may differ.