Does my financial aid automatically pay my Emergency Tuition and Fees Loan (ETFL)?

Your financial aid refund may be applied toward your ETFL, but this is not always the case. It is your responsibility to use any refunds given to you to repay an outstanding ETFL. You need to ensure your outstanding ETFL balance is at zero by the due date.

Where can I pay my ETFL?

You may make payments on your ETFL with Student Business Services, located in the General Services Complex. You can also repay your loan through the Howdy Portal by clicking on My Finances tab and at the bottom in the Institutional Loans section click on Pay/View. You may also log in to your MyAggieLoans Portal.

Am I eligible for more than one ETFL in the same semester?

Yes, if the following apply:
  • You are not past due on a previous ETFL;
  • You still have outstanding required tuition and fees; and 
  • You have not applied for an ETFL up to 100% of your tuition and fees for that semester.

Are extensions available for ETFL?

Student Business Services handles all repayment arrangements. You may contact their office at (979) 847-3337, or by visiting them in the General Services Complex

What is the simple interest rate on the ETFL?

The interest rate on all ETFLs is 5% per annum. A late fee assesses after the due date for any unpaid balances. Additionally, there is a $10 processing fee for every emergency tuition and fee loan.

How do I apply for an ETFL?

The application for an ETFL is available online at

How do I receive the funds for the ETFL?

The ETFL funds are applied to your student billing account, so you will not receive any funds directly.

What is the maximum amount I can borrow with the ETFL?

The maximum amount you can borrow is the amount due on your required tuition and fees for the semester in which you are applying. This loan will not cover optional fees (sports passes, parking, etc.). If you need money to pay for optional fees, please consider a Short-Term Loan.

I have borrowed an ETFL in a previous semester. Do I need to sign a new promissory note?

You do not need to sign a new promissory note if you have borrowed an ETFL in a previous semester.