Short-Term Loan Acceptable Expenses

Books and Supplies Loan – This loan can be used for books and supplies for enrolled courses at Texas A&M University in the current semester. Maximum loan amount is $800.00

Room and Board Loan – This loan can be used for dorm, meal plan, off-campus rent, food, electricity, phone and other living expenses.

Field Trips/Study Abroad Loan – This loan can be used for study abroad/field trip expenses both on the billing account and expenses not on the billing account. Funds are available for academically required Texas A&M University programs only. Maximum repayment period is at the end of the study abroad trip. 

Aggie Ring Loan – Qualified students may borrow funds to assist them in purchasing a basic 10K Aggie Senior Ring. You must have completed 90 credit hours at the time of application to be eligible. You may only be approved for one Aggie Ring Loan during your academic career. Visit Aggie Network website to see current ring prices.

Senior Cadet Loan – This loan is available to help purchase articles for a Senior Cadet uniform. You must have completed at least 60 credit hours to be eligible for this loan. Maximum loan amount is $500.00. Maximum repayment period is six months.

Graduating Student Loan – This loan is designed to assist in meeting State Board and/or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) fees, Texas Bar Examination fees, acquisition of graduation regalia or printed invitations.

Optional Fees Loan – This loan is only available to students who show a balance of optional fees on their fee statement. (i.e., parking, residence hall rent, meal plan, sports pass)

Graduation Relocation Loan – Graduating students who are degree candidates during the current semester are eligible for this loan. The student must have applied for graduation and the diploma fee must appear on their billing account. These loans can be disbursed no sooner than one month prior to graduation. Maximum loan amount is $500.00. Maximum repayment period is six months. If you have already graduated, you are not eligible for this loan.

Interview Loan – You may purchase suits, plane tickets or anything related to an interview to be eligible for this loan. Maximum loan amount is $500.00

Emergency Medical Loan – This loan is available for expenses related to medical charges.

Co-op Loan – You must provide verification of co-op enrollment through the Co-op Office. Maximum repayment period is four months.

Car Repair Loan – This loan can be used for expenses related to car repairs.

Daycare Loan – This loan is available for daycare expenses.

Computer Loan – You can use this loan to purchase a computer or to help pay for computer repairs.

Car Payments and/or Insurance – This loan is to assist you in paying your car payments and insurance while attending school.

Short-Term Loans will not be approved for past due loans, credit card payments or paying someone else for money that was borrowed for any of these acceptable reasons.

Additionally, your prior institutional loan history, academic records, financial aid eligibility and Title IV debt status are reviewed before approval of all Short-Term Loans.