Student Rights and Responsibilities

Texas A&M University is committed to the dissemination and transparency of information regarding your education and available resources. This disclosure is intended to inform you, the student, of the legal rights and responsibilities you assume as a recipient of financial assistance. For further information or if you have any questions, please contact Scholarships & Financial Aid at 979.847.1787 or by emailing us at

Students have the right to…

In addition to rights, students have certain responsibilities. These responsibilities include…

  • determining your ability to pay any institutional charges based on your available financial aid and personal resources.
  • reviewing, understanding, and complying with the terms and conditions of your financial aid offer.
  • completing all requirements accurately, in a timely manner, and by the appropriate deadlines.
  • informing us if you intend to enroll less than full time for any given term so that your aid can be properly adjusted and disbursed.  We will also request enrollment be confirmed via the Confirm Your Enrollment Questionnaire.
  • informing us of any outside scholarships or additional resources that you receive.
  • filling out applications (i.e. FAFSA, TASFA, ISFAA) completely and accurately. Falsification of information on application forms for financial assistance is considered a criminal offense, and you may be subject to penalties under the U.S. Criminal Code.
  • completing the Master Promissory Note, Entrance Counseling, and Exit Counseling if receiving federal loans (i.e. Direct Subsidized Loan, Direct Unsubsidized Loan, Direct PLUS Loan).
  • submitting all additional documentation, verification, corrections, and/or new information requested by either Scholarships & Financial Aid or the federal processing agency to which you submitted your application.
  • reading and understanding all forms that you are asked to submit or sign.
  • understanding that you are legally responsible for all agreements that you sign.
  • notifying the loan servicer(s) of any educational loan(s) received when there is a change in your address, name, or school status, as well as notifying the Office of the Registrar.
  • performing the work agreed upon in accepting a Federal Work-Study, Texas College Work-Study, Tutor, or Community Service Program job.
  • knowing and complying with all policies and procedures of Texas A&M University.