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Some FAFSAs are selected for a process called verification. If your FAFSA has been selected for verification, you are not alone. An estimated 30% of FAFSA filers are selected for the verification process.  In this process, schools collect documentation from applicants to check the accuracy of FAFSA information. If chosen for verification, documents will be requested through the Financial Aid Portal, which can be accessed through howdy.tamu.edu. Please do not submit any documents to our office that are not specifically requested.

During verification, the school compares the information provided on the FAFSA with the documents submitted to the office. If there are any differences between the FAFSA and the submitted documents, corrections will be made by our office and sent to the United States Department of Education.

It normally takes 5-7 business days for verification to be completed once all documents are submitted to and processed in our office. The process may take longer during peak processing times.

Your financial aid eligibility could change because of corrections made during verification. If your eligibility changes, your financial aid awards will be adjusted and you will receive a revised award letter or notification via email or postal mail. 
The documents required will vary for each student. Forms and requests will be listed in your Financial Aid Portal.

To see what needs to be submitted:
  1. Go to howdy.tamu.edu
  2. Click on the My Finances tab
  3. Enter the Financial Aid Portal

Note: Make sure you are looking at the correct academic year once in your portal.
  • Easy: Transfers info with the click of a button
  • Fast: Instantly retrieves your information
  • Accurate: Correctly fills in data fields
  • Reduces amount of documents needing to be submitted to our office.
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If for any reason you cannot use IRS Data Retrieval, you can request a tax return transcript using Get Transcript at irs.gov/Individuals/Get-Transcript.
For more information on IRS Tax Transcript availability dates, please visit the tax transcript chart.

Please ensure you request the correct document. The Tax Return Transcript should look like the example on the right.

Photo of a Tax Return Transcript
Other documents could be requested due to federal requirements during the verification process or after verification has been completed. Remember to always check your Financial Aid portal for the status of your financial aid account and to view any requested documents.

You may be required to submit additional documentation even though you have not been selected for verification. These documents may include but are not limited to;
  • Citizenship/eligible non-citizen status
  • Veteran status
  • High school completion
  • Documentation of independent student status
If requested, please submit the documents immediately to avoid delaying your financial aid. You can access the portal by
  1. Visiting howdy.tamu.edu
  2. Click the My Finances tab
  3. Enter the Financial Aid Portal
In an effort to protect your confidential and personally identifiable information (i.e. social security number, tax information), documents may not be submitted via email.

Scholarships & Financial Aid accepts documents for students submitted via fax, postal mail, in-person, or via document upload in the Financial Aid Portal.

Mailing Address
Texas A&M University
Scholarships & Financial Aid
P.O. Box 30016
College Station, TX 77842-3016
Fax Number: 979-847-9061
Please include your UIN on all of the documents submitted.

You must complete verification before your financial aid will apply to your billing account. Your financial aid will not award and/or disburse, if you fail to submit all required documentation

Please respond immediately to any requests from our department.

You will receive a deadline to complete verification, if you were selected for verification after you received financial aid. Your financial aid will be cancelled and you may be required to repay previously awarded aid, if you do not complete verification by your given deadline.

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