In order to maintain your eligibility to receive financial aid, you must meet the following requirements.
Scholarships & Financial Aid monitors your SAP at the end of every semester (law, medical, dental and pharmacy students are reviewed annually). Grade exclusions are an option for continuing students, but be aware this may affect your ability to continue to receive financial aid.

If you do not meet the requirements for SAP, you have the right to appeal and provide information about extenuating circumstances that may have hindered your progress. Appeals are reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Please note that satisfactory academic progress and minimum enrollment requirements for individual financial aid program eligibility may vary.

Federal financial aid regulations require us to confirm whether or not a student began attendance in all courses if they receive certain forms of financial aid: Federal Pell Grant, Federal TEACH Grant, and/or Iraq-Afghanistan Service Grant. Based on the information we receive, adjustments to financial aid awards may be necessary and will likely result in a balance due to the University.

Scholarships & Financial Aid will send emails to instructors seeking the last date of class attendance/participation recorded for students who drop courses, withdraw, or receive a non-passing grade, reducing the number of hours for which they initially received financial aid. Instructors may reference attendance records, graded assignments, quizzes, exams, or papers to confirm that the student began academic participation. If the instructor confirms beginning attendance in the class there will be no adjustment to financial aid awards. If we do not receive confirmation of beginning attendance in the course(s) dropped/withdrawn/not passed, we are required to adjust financial aid (for Pell, TEACH, IASG) based on the remaining hours enrolled.

In addition to potentially affecting current semester financial aid, drops and withdrawals are considered unsuccessfully completed coursework when determining Satisfactory Academic Progress and will impact completion rate. If you drop below the necessary completion rate you may lose eligibility for financial aid in future terms. For more information on Satisfactory Academic Progress, please visit the link above.

Repeated Coursework may also affect your financial aid eligibility.
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