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General Information

Academic Advisor Appeal Questionnaire
Affidavit of Intent to Become a Permanent Resident
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Presentation Request Form
Release of Information


2022-2023 ISFAA Application and Instructions
2022-2023 Request Change to Cost of Attendance
2022-2023 Texas Aggie Graduate Grant Application


2021-2022 Request Change to Cost of Attendance


Federal PLUS Refund Authorization
Short-Term Loan Application
Self Certification Form for a Private Loan (a completed form may be obtained through the Financial Aid Portal)
Manage Your Student Loans 


2022-2023 Scholarships & Financial Aid Resource Guide (prospective students)
2021-2022 Graduate Guide to Financial Aid
2022-2023 Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer

2021-2022 Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer
2020-2021 Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer
High School Jr/Sr Checklist
Transfer Student Checklist

Videos And Podcasts

Miss Rev: Scholarships & Financial Aid's Virtual Assistant

Navigating the Financial Aid Portal

"How can Scholarships and Financial Aid help you pay for college?"

Family Contribution Appeal for Extenuating Circumstances

Midnight Pell Podcast 

Midnight Pell is an educational podcast produced by Scholarships & Financial Aid at Texas A&M University. 

Understanding how to pay for college can sometimes be confusing. We hope this podcast can serve as a tool to equip current and future students with the knowledge to responsibly pay for their degree. Every month, hosts Jake Mason and Emily Spaulding will break down a different scholarship or financial aid process and answer common questions. 

This podcast combines information on specific Texas A&M policies with more general financial aid information that is transferable from campus to campus. The marriage between these two topics led to our name, Midnight Pell, which combines a beloved tradition here at A&M, Midnight Yell Practice, with a common financial aid award, the Federal Pell Grant. 

Whether you’re a prospective or current Aggie, or just someone who needs a little scholarships & financial aid explanation, join us every month for new episodes of Midnight Pell. 

Episode One- Financial Aid 101 

Wondering which financial aid application to complete? Interested in working during school but confused about work study and how to find a job? Have you heard about the Aggie Assurance commitment from TAMU? Podcast hosts Jake Mason and Emily Spaulding welcome Natalie Shaw, a Financial Aid Advisor, to explore these topics along with other common questions about financial aid. 

Episode Two - Scholarships

This month, podcast hosts Jake Mason and Emily Spaulding welcome Casey Gros, the Assistant Director of Scholarships, to the studio. During their conversation, they explore the scholarships our office awards, how to apply for these scholarships, and general advice for incoming and continuing TAMU students.

Episode Three - Preparing for College

On the third episode of Midnight Pell, hosts Jake Mason and Emily Spaulding provide an overview of tips for incoming and prospective students. Throughout the episode they answer common questions covering a variety of topics including applying for scholarships and other financial aid, understanding students’ cost of attendance, and maximizing the benefits of touring your prospective university. Jake and Emily even talk about their own journey to Aggieland and how they made the decision to attend Texas A&M University.

Episode Four - Extenuating Circumstances

On this episode of Midnight Pell, hosts Jake Mason and Emily Spaulding welcome Financial Aid Advisor John Flores to the studio. John leads us in conversation about extenuating circumstances and the process of updating financial aid application information to better represent a student’s current personal or financial situation.

Episode Five - Courses that Count for Financial Aid

This month, Melissa Mallett Bohnsack joins Jake Mason and Emily Spaulding on the podcast to talk about courses that count for financial aid. Through their conversation, Melissa covers how to ensure students are enrolling for courses that are aid-eligible, what can happen to a student’s financial aid awards when they are enrolled in courses that are not on their degree plan, and how to fill out the “Confirm Your Enrollment” questionnaire in the Financial Aid Portal.